The holiday season is such a magical time of year. People go out of their way to be generous and kind. The extra attention and time we take is especially important to senior citizens, some of whom can find the holidays a lonely time or a financially difficult time.

This year, the Danville team at Mansface Terrace in Green River, WY raised over $1000 from two community groups—Pineda’s Kenpo Karate and the Badland Bandits Motorcycle Club. The funds were used to buy grocery items that cannot typically be found at the local food bank such as holiday treats, baking supplies, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, and meat.

Our ingenious team then placed the food items in a custom pantry, or Pan-Tree! The wooden shelves, lighting and decorations are made to look like a Christmas tree. The “star” atop the tree is a wheel of food fortune that residents spin to win. The idea for this and the efforts made by volunteers and staff is something everyone at Danville deeply appreciates.

We want our residents to have happy and healthy holidays. The generous contributions we received from the Mansface Terrace community this year helped make this wish come true. It was also a treat to host members of Pineda’s Kenpo Karate at our Grand Opening on December 21st. The karate kids got to see the fully loaded Pan-Tree and meet many of the residents, who were happy to chat with them and welcome them.