Take the path to your new HUD-subsidized apartment. With a plan and some patience, we can help you get there.

How To Apply for HUD-Subsidized Housing

Applying for a HUD-subsidized apartment is a process that takes time.

Your move-in date is based totally on apartment availability, so being flexible about where you want to live is helpful.

Please click the ‘Get Started’ button to contact the properties of your choice by phone or email (to receive a preliminary application).

Our property managers will also answer questions about the qualification process and apartment availability. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

How To Apply for Market Rate Housing

Please fill out the Market Rate housing application for housing at non-HUD-subsidized locations.

How to Apply for An Apartment at Riverwalk Village

Riverwalk Village in St. George is Currently Leased to Capacity

As of January 1, 2021 ALL OF OUR UNITS ARE LEASED but we are accepting applications for our waitlist.

Do You Have Questions?

Our “Path to Your New Apartment” guide has answers!