Art Woolston, the founder of our family-owned company and father to Lisa Jones, and grandfather to Stephanie Jones Robinson died earlier this month.

As we grieve our loss and honor Art’s life, we reflect on the countless ways that he made a difference for his family and friends, business associates, and people in the community.

Art founded Danville Development Corporation, Danville Services Corporation, and Danville Support Services. The missions of each company are rooted in helping those in need.

His vision was one of compassion, quality, and innovation. His impact on the clients he served was long-lasting and significant. The impact he had as a mentor and leader on the employees he trusted and delegated to was unmatched.

Art was born in eastern Montana. He headed to Missoula to get his business degree at the University of Montana. Like his older brother who fought in France during World War II, Art also enlisted in the military.

A celebration of life will be held in Art’s honor sometime in the fall.

Read Art’s full obituary in the Salt Lake Tribune.