According to Granite School District, one out of five students in the district doesn’t receive adequate nutrition. In order to address the growing hunger epidemic facing the children in our community, Danville Development recently committed our support to Roosevelt Elementary School in Millcreek.

Utah Food Bank is working with the local schools and with companies like Danville who are eager to volunteer. Our team shows up one afternoon each month at Roosevelt Elementary. We meet the Utah Food Bank’s mobile food truck that is fully stocked with items ready for distribution. We unload the food, repackage it into smaller bundles, and hand it out to the kids who are lined up with their backpacks at the ready.

When we were handing out the food last week, one little girl said, “Thank you, this is going to help my family so much.” It really warms your heart! It’s also a good team-building opportunity, as we leave what we’re doing in the office and around our properties for a few hours each month and get the chance to work together towards a necessary and satisfying goal.

It would be terrific if the hunger problem didn’t exist right under our noses, but it does exist, and we can’t let people in this country—our neighbors—go without food. There’s no excuse for it. There’s just work to do to fix the problem. Volunteering our time is one small thing that we can do. If you’d like to join us for one of our monthly volunteer sessions just let us know.