To protect our residents from the ravages of COVID-19, Danville Development is working with the Centers for Disease Control, the American Association of Service Coordinators, and Walgreens to provide vaccination clinics at several of our properties for senior citizens.

This is the next step in a series of steps that we’ve taken to protect our residents.

The American Association of Service Coordinators pointed us to the CDC’s Pharmacy Partnership for Long-Term Care Program’s Covid-19 Vaccination initiative. After looking into the details of this program, we learned that HUD-subsidized properties serving seniors and residents with disabilities were eligible to register to participate in onsite vaccination clinics.

We immediately registered all of our eligible properties and waited to see if we would be approved for participation. By mid-December 2020 we got the go-ahead and began receiving information from Walgreens about scheduling. Danville’s fabulous Service Coordinators and Property Managers were quick to make the necessary arrangements to facilitate these clinics.

Each registered property scheduled three clinics over the course of six weeks. The first clinics were held in early January, and the second clinics were held three weeks later in order to administer second shots. The third series of clinics will be held six weeks after the first clinic to give second shots to any remaining people who need them.

Each property’s Service Coordinators or Property Manager worked with our residents to pre-register for them for vaccines. We also helped to register each participant with Walgreens prior to the clinic, and then facilitated the physical clinics at each property.

We are grateful to the CDC, Walgreens, and the American Association of Service Coordinators for bringing this program directly to our residents.

To date, approximately 70% of our residents and staffers have taken advantage of this opportunity and are vaccinated.